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Real Time Save Feature
3.9a for Regular version(without Real Time Save Feature)
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Change Log: 4-12-08
1. RTS function added. (Read user manual or belows for details)
2. The setting for RTS has been added to Global configuration program too.
3. Complete the following GBA features:
i)NDS-GBA linkage
ii)GBA Real time save function (supports over 95% of games!)
iii)Emulator games. (eg. NES, PCE, SMS, gg etc..)
iV)Automatically patch for all games. (100% compatiablity)
V)Automatically detect the type of inserted flashcard. (supports the slot-2 psram flashcard(old product) and the "GBA expansion card"(new product/lower price) too.)
Vi)Fast loading time (much faster than the other products in the market!)
Vii)GBA cheat code function


The Real Time Save features of ITouch:
1) Support maximum of 3 save files for each game.
2) Fast loading time & saving time.
3) Approximately, 95% of nds games are able to use RTS function so far.
4) Integrated RTS menu support showing time, loading & saving status, monitoring capacity of SD etc...
5) Support more than 1 set of hot-keys for activating RTS menu to prevent key-conflict situation occurs. (L+R+sel or L+R+Y)

To enable RTS feature:
Just make sure the "RT Save(L+R+SL)" or "RT Save(L+R+Y)" option at "RTS/soft reset" pull-down menu of the game configuration menu has been selected. (There is only 1 save file for a game by default. If users want to have more than one save file for the game, please select and enter into the "Save Backup" pull-down menu to create more backup files. eg. "create is1" or "create is2".)

Useful information:
Due to the restrictions of the system of nds, it's not easy to make it perfect. However, the load/save function is stable and we tested over 3000 of games, about 95% of games are able to use RTS function and all the status of those games can be restored and let me continue to play the game without so many problems so the overall performance of the RTS function is satisfied. To help users to use the RTC function smoothly, users may need to note the followings:

1. Please do not activate the RTS menu at the beginning of game boot up such as logo graphic is loading or showing. It's because the initial process of the game is usually still in progress.
2. Please do not activate the RTS menu during which the data is being loaded or saved.
3. The graphic of a few games may not be able to restore perfectly upon loading back the save file data into memory; we suggest users may re-try to restore the game (load) at another moment. Usually, if users save the game at gameplay, please try loading back during gameplay and not from the other game menu. Another example, if users save the game at the 3D state, we suggest loading the data back at the 3D state too.
4. The sound of a few games may temporary break upon loading back the save file data, we suggest closing the cover of the NDS for a second then re-opening it again. Usually, it will be able to recover without any problem in most cases.


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